Jeun Bang/Bang Jeun Info Wanted

  1. Welcome, fellow victim! :nuts:

    Allow me to introduce my plight... I am one of the rare, oddball women that prefer a small purse, a TINY purse, one with lots of pockets and compartments to keep things organized, but fits in a desk drawer; a small desk drawer. Until recently, I've never had a problem finding such purses. Now, it seems as though BIG IS BETTER. I understand the appeal, but it's just not for me. Hence the dilemma...

    The last time I purchased a purse (WARNING: gasps of horrified amazement may follow) was over 2 years ago at a 2nd-hand store. :wtf: ... It was the cutest, most appropriately-designed-for-me little black purse ever and I LOVED it! I used it to its death. The only identification on it was the Jeun Bang/Bang Jeun on its snaps.

    As it fell apart, I began my search for the next one. It was only a stroke of luck, I have discovered since, that I found another, just as perfect-for-me purse at a (WARNING: more gasps to follow) at a ROSS store, tucked behind all the BIG BAGS. :faint:

    It has all the little pockets and cubbies that I have grown to love and I have, for the first time in my life, become a "Purse Person". Who knew?!

    The dilemma? I can't find any more? Believe me, I look. I even have an open search on eBay and meander into ROSS, Marshall's and TJMax when I build up the strength and courage to tread on my seemingly fruitless quest for my beloved JeunBang.

    I know it's sick. It's not a Louis V. or Jimmy Choo and probably is made in some scant neck of the woods where the U.S. Dollar is worth a day or two's salary, but I'm hooked. :drool:

    For fear of my current purse dying in due time and me having to switch "addictions" I have begun my hunt now, while there's still time. I want to have a collection of these babies to horde until I die; to change as I see fit with wardrobe or season!

    I am asking you, a seemingly completely appropriate group of purse-lovers that may, when you search for your love, find one of my "Cinderella" dears and think of my affliction.

    If this be the case, please let me know. I know this sounds desperate; it is. I only have about a year and a half left! :shame:

    Thank you,

  2. dear jeunbang :smile:
    I recently went to a salvo I'm search of the perfect carry-everything-i-own wallet but still-fit-in-purse wallet with personality :smile: and I found it. so wondering about it's origin I googled 'jeun bang' as that was the label on it's snaps :smile: and that my friend is how I came across your post. I'm not sure how old your post is...but if this helps, my wallet has a zipper with a label that says 'relic' on it. and that is the name if a wallet/purse company :smile: I hope that this helps you!
    God bless :smile: