jeter needs good vibes again.

  1. jeter had a couple emergency surgeries last year and because his breed is susceptible to cancer they ran a bunch of biopsies. the liver biopsies showed 'chronic active hepatitis', so we scheduled an ultrasound to get some info on why his liver was inflamed. we had it done about six weeks ago, and the ultrasound showed fibrotic development that eventually is expected to become cirhosis. during the ultrasound they did a needle biopsy of the liver to get some information as to how best to treat it. the vet said that they can live for years with well-managed liver disease, so while cirhosis is awful i was feeling lucky that it wasn't cancer.

    then two days later jeter almost collapsed with a 104-degree fever -- we figured that it must have been something introduced during the tissue collection for the biopsy and he went on antibiotics. he seemed to be better, and then the fever developed again. now we've been back and forth to the vet and the animal hospital pretty much every week, sometimes several times -- he has an elevated white blood cell count and a fever, and the antibiotics seem to help -- but as soon as he's off them the fever starts coming back.

    my poor little boy -- he just can't get a break. november and december emergency surgeries. then in january some funky auto-immune thing that caused his jaws to clamp shut, then a diagnosis of liver disease and NOW some fever that we can't rid of. we went to an internalist specialist yesterday, and he's running a bunch of tests to try to figure out whether this is a resistant infection, and auto-immune problem or even a cancer that just hasn't been found. i'm absolutely at the end of my rope -- i'm completely stressed, depressed and out of my mind with worry that we'll never figure this out and i'm losing him.

    please send jeter your good vibes -- they've gotten him through before and he needs them again. i don't care if they ever know exactly what's going on -- i just need it to STOP. and then i can move on to what the heck we do about the liver disease. but first things first, help make this fever go away for good.

    sorry for the rambling -- but it was theraputic to write it all down. having animals can be so heartbreaking.
  2. Hey, DQ, sorry to hear all that Jeter's going through. If he were human, I would look at an auto-immune condition. Good luck!
  3. thanks, HG -- that's one of the things they're testing for since there are definitely markers for AI -- the jaw thing he had a few months ago, plus i understand AI issues can be one of the reasons for liver disease. the hard part about treating him right now is that the steroids that would be used to treat an immune problem are the worst thing we can do for him if it's a resistant infection. so scary.
  4. DQ...


    I know the balancing game can be really difficult when a pet has a chronic condition or two. I lost a pet due to kidney failure/congestive heart failure. It was taking fluids out to help the heart, and putting fluids in to help the Kidneys.

    Jeter will pull through...Give him lots of hugs and pets...

    Is your vet holistic? If not I can recommend one. PM me if you need to...and don't forget the University of PA if you need more than what your vet can do...
  5. i'm sending you and jeter big healing hugs. my thoughts are with you both!
  6. I'm sending many good vibes, hugs and love his way. I hope he gets better soon!
  7. Aw, poor guy! Give him a gentle pat for me, DQ!! :sad:
  8. Big hugs to you and Jeter.

    I'm so sorry you're both going through this. I'll be pulling for the sweet guy.
  9. are HUGE hugs and prayers coming your way my friend, all the way from California for your Jeter.......BIG hugs and prayers........
  10. Sending lots of good vibes your way. {{{hugs}}}
  11. Aww, a big hug to both you and Jeter, you two have been through a lot together and I hope they figure out what's making him ill soon.
  12. Sending some soothing hugs your way. I hope they find out what is causing this. Good luck and keep your spirits up. Don't forget about your own health, make sure you are getting sleep/excersise and eating healthy so you can be stong and fully alert. I am keeping jeter, you and your family in my prayers.
  13. Poor guy! I'm so sorry about this. Please keep us updated. It's so hard when our animal friends are sick, especially when you can't explain it to them.
  14. I hope the doctors find what you guys need to know to make the next decision. Jeter is such a brave guy. (((HUGS)))
  15. **HUGS** to you and Jeter, I will be def keep you both in my prayers.