Jet Setter, Jr. -confused about leathers & name on id tag

  1. I've been reading through the threads about this bag and am trying to understand a few things.
    1)There are online purse sites selling this bag under "Foley and Corinna" and others under "Anna Corinna". I'm assuming that the Anna Corinna bags are older as Foley and Corinna joined forces. Is this a correct assumption?
    2)Is there a quality difference between the two i.e. would I be better picking up an Anna Corinna vs. a Foley and Corinna?
    3))There is talk about glazed leather or matte leather. I get the feeling from the posts that I read that most prefer matte leather. Do they make the matte version under the Foley and Corinna name? In my local VonMaur, I found what I believe to be a glazed version only.
  2. I recently bought a Jet-Setter, Jr at Neiman's. The one I got says "Anna Corinna." Another one on the table, in a different color, had a "Foley and Corinna" tag. They seemed the same to me. I was under the impression that they were always partners, but Anna designed the bags.
  3. I think the quality and workmanship of the bags are the same, its kind of like they just "formally" added the name Foley to make it public that they are now joined forces...I dont know about the matte leather, I have only seen and owned the glazed...I have a true white jr jet setter that says Anna Corinna on it just because I bought it before the Foley and Corinna's started coming out...but honestly the bags are the same=)
  4. As far as I know, the brand has always been Foley + Corinna, but for certain lines it was split into Foley for Foley + Corinna (clothing) and Anna Corinna (bags). Maybe they thought it was too confusing and consolidated back into Foley + Corinna?

    I personally like the look of the glazed leather better than matte.
  5. I have a glazed leather jet setter jr in stone and I love it! Mine has a Foley+Corrina tag.
  6. Your good it's all the same. I love my black glazed leather Jet Setter Jr. I much prefer it over the pebbled matte black leather. However I really think it depends on the color you want. Some are prettier in the matte and some are prettier in the glazed.