Jet Set travel multifunction tote - good for air travelling?

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  1. Does anyone travel on flight with their multifunction tote? I know the name suggests it but just think having a shoulder bag will it be a bit of nuisance. I am considering getting a bucket bag for that purpose.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Like most bags, I think it all depends on what you're planning to carry with you. It's definitely organized and I can see it being useful if you plan to take a laptop/tablet but I prefer using a crossbody that allows me to be hands-free when traveling.
  3. It depends on what you are taking with you. If you travel with kids it is perfect. The dividers make room for small thing you need to keep close. Sizewise it doesn't quite fit under your seat, but it does sit well by your feet if you don't want it in the overhead compartment. If you need to have necessities like medication with you, the middle zipped compartment is perfect for that, as well as for tickets /passport. It is my experiance when flying that I don't have that much time or space to ramble through a large bag to find stuff. It needs to be easy to locate and separate enough to not make a mess. This bag holds alot, so small tax free purchases like perfume etc fit perfectly. It also have room for inflating pillow, a book, head phones, minicharger etc, so all in all it is a good companion for a fight!