Jet set tote rekindleship

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  1. Good morning! Over the weekend I decided to pull out my jet set zip tote in Zinnia pink. I’ve had the bag since 2013 I believe but never sold it because I knew one day I would pull her back out. I had forgotten how beautiful this bag, and all the other colors are in this line are! I figured she’s perfect for Valentines, is there anybody else in the forum that’s still a fan of the jet set totes? I know there’s the [​IMG]jet set clubhouse, but would love to see any pics of yours that you still love!!!
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  2. Your husband / BF is cute! We need more pictures of him!
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  3. Honey you just made by day!!!! I agree whole heartedly that my husband is a good looking man. You should see him in his uniform with his badge, gun and cuffs!
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  4. This is my favourite tote! It's the perfect size and everything about it is perfect. It's with great restraint that I've only bought two :P Zinnia is such a beautiful and vibrant colour, very cheery :heart: Here's mine in Peacock :smile:
  5. Love the colour! This is probably THE most popular MK tote where I live (for 25+ ladies, all the youngins are sporting big Jet Set totes) but you usually see it in black, grey, navy or tan. Your colour is an eye-catcher!
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  6. omg this color!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
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  7. Ooohhhh your peacock is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!