Jet Set ""TOP-ZIP"" tote.......... ClubHouse

  1. Post your top zip totes here... logo or leather...

    My first, brown logo (outlet version) I purchased while in Vegas in June...
    [​IMG] And I love it to death!!
  2. Can you remember how much it cost you? I like the version with the vachetta straps!
  3. It was bought in june and I think it was 199$ and 20% off.
  4. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for it.
  5. Yea....I am in the club!

    Here is picture of when I first got my zip top Jet set tote I got from Nordstrom......haven't taken any new pics lately.


    I love purple!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Beautiful!
  8. I have been carrying this bag for over a month now and have no desire to switch into anything else. This bag is soooo perfect for me! I will post a pic of mine tonight!
  9. bumping this for Kimberly G....
  10. What is the difference between the outlet version and regular version? I'm really considering this bag but I am loving my Grayson. Not sure about brown or vanilla either.
  11. full price has a zipper middle section two open sections ... sorta like maggie.
    handles are different as well

    Outlet is like an LV totally,
  12. Thanks!!! Is there a size difference?
  13. Can't tell you that.. I would say its abt the same...
    The Macy's exclusive is smaller
  14. Can't wait to join this club!! I am getting this bag for sure next week in Vegas!
  15. Can't wait to see..