Jessssssica Simpson and ken

  1. As crazy as this sounds i think the two of them suit each other, they need to become a couple. Do you think he could turn his ways ?

    [​IMG] Jessica Simpson with Ken Paves (09/30/06)
    [​IMG] Jessica Simpson with Ken Paves (09/30/06)
  2. I can't even answer I'm so distracted by the amount of work done on his face:shocked:
  3. Ken got plastic surgery??!!
  4. He does look entirely way too 'groomed'
  5. Look at him! LOL! His eyes were definitely done as was his nose and it also looks like he had his lips plumped.
    I don't know when, could be old work, but I rarely see him so close up.
  6. there is a good looking guy out there for jess. te do look good together though!
  7. You know what...I never thought about it before, but I think you're right. Eek.
  8. Isn't he Gay?
  9. totally. That's why Bag Fetish said she wonders if he curn 'turn'.
  10. Yes!^^
  11. Oh yeah, he has had things done! I noticed it when they were filming the Nick/Jessica Newlyweds show. Some of it is old work like his nose.
  12. she got chubby huh!
  13. I think it's the shadow ~ I think she looks great! She is so pretty.
  14. wow...I do notice some difference in his face.
  15. i wonder if it's real this time.. or maybe, it's a pretend relationship that only one person knows about?