Jessie's Jazz Mini Pouch

  1. Any of you ladies have this pouch? Im thinking of getting one. It would be perfect if I'd go out and just run some errands and stuff. Or maybe even shopping around. Will this mini pouch work this coming spring and summer?

    Any thoughts? Or am I better off with something else? Other suggestions are welcome too. :smile:


    Marc by Marc Jacobs Jessie's Jazz Mini Pouch (Black) - Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags
  2. I think it looks cute, it comes with another colour - metallic gold tone as well. The strap seems a little too short to me though.

    Get the metallic gold tone version if it is for this coming spring/summer~!! ;)
  3. If you think you could use this mini pouch, go ahead and get it, on the other hand, clutches are also small enough and useful but without the strap.
  4. Sorry, but I'm not a fan. It reminds me of what my mom carries when she travels... :s
  5. nocturne - im actually leaning towards the gold tone version - but Zappos doesn't have them anymore.

    gglvs2shop - as much as i like how the clutch looks like when handled, i can't seem to get myself one (except for ZC, but that ofcourse works as a wallet), because i might leave it somewhere.

    melly - that's ok. im still debating whether to get one or not.
  6. os wow, that thing is way too tiny for me... I HAVE to be able to fit my wallet in it. otherwise, I'd just go with a belt pack.. they've got some cool ones out!
  7. any other suggestions ladies on a small purse/pouch/belt pack like that?
  8. I think this is really cute if the size works for you. I personally have gotten into the bigger and bigger bags that have been popular lately. I'm used to carrying my whole life and everything I buy on impulse in my purse now! But from the few magazines I've looked through little bags are slowly coming back.