Jessies in TONS of colors AND on Sale on!!!

  1. Even raisin! Go get em, girls!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. Mini, they have the Jessie Java for 346. Was that you who wante done or someone else? I get so confused with everyones wants...LOL
  3. Whoa....I see that the Jessie is only available in ebano now......that's the only color I see! Great price, though. They must have gone like hotcakes!!
  4. I'm also just now starting to like the Keira.....looks like it is the size of the Jessie....the size works for me.....and it's only available in Camel now, but the price is really a very good deal. Under $250.........does anyone know if camel is really that red in real life? I would assume that it would be more of a tannish color.
  5., why couldn't I pull that up? Thanks a bunch.....
  6. Compass, I bought an auburn Keira from the Kooba site just today.

    I saw this bag in person several times and have always liked the styling. It is smaller inside than a Jessie, less depth mainly. You could not fit more than a wallet, keys and a small makeup bag inside.
  7. Darn......that may be just a little too small for me. Okay...back to lusting for the Jillian, then...................
  8. I'm definitely thinking about the Jessie in java. Just holding out until I see what Kooba comes out with for fall. I know I might miss out on it though, if I wait too long. :crybaby:
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this deal, it's really good. I'm yearning for the Jessie in khaki, since I already have the java (which I adore) and also have a black one that's supposed to be heading to my sister in Australia, if I don't start wearing it before I get it to her. Hmmm... I've spent so much on handbags lately, I'm not sure I can justify another $350 Kooba bill. I need to get used to the idea first.
  10. Naturally, I ordered a raisin as fast as I could! :tup:
  11. So now we should be seeing more pictures of new purchases, right, girls???
  12. Congratulations Grace! I fondled a raisin Jessie at my local Nordstrom a while back and then, like an idiot, put it back! And it was on sale. I hope you love yours. Please post pics!