Jessie Question

  1. Is there such a thing as a smooth black Jessie??

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
  2. I've never seen a totally smooth black Jessie. They do make it in a dark brown (Java) and a beige (khaki) that's smooth. And there's a dark brown python one (ebano). The black ones all have some degree of distressing, some more than others, each bag is a little different.
  3. Larke is right. No smooth Black Jessies....and what a shame. The Black is pebbled. They really limited colors on this bag....
    Pebbled Black
    Pebbled Raisin
    Pebbled Bourbon
    Python Ebano
    Python Antique Rose
    Smooth Khaki
    Smooth Java
    Smooth White or Ivory
  4. Thanks Ladies! That smooth java sounds nice....
  5. It's very nice. My Favorite Jessie color.

    Java Jessie.JPG

  6. Oh yes, that is very purdy...hmmm....