Jessie Is Coming To Visit!! I Hope She Can Stay!

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  1. Isn't it nice to get a gift for no reason sometimes! :happydance: My Mom bought herself a pair of the Jessie ballet flats and thought I might want a pair,too! She said she ordered them in the khaki. I probably would have ordered the indigo but that's OK by me! I really, really hope they fit nicely. I just wanted to share my happy moment with everyone.

  2. Those are cute....hope they fit!!
  3. how exciting ! post pics when yall get them
  4. Does anyone own these yet? Do you like them?
  5. Oh those are cute! please let us know if they are true to size and comfortable. :smile:
  6. :tup:
  7. very cute! great for this time of year. sorry, I don't know about sizes..
  8. so cute! Congrats!
  9. Good gracious!

    Those are BEAUTIFUL!

    I know they wouldn't fit my wide 11 feet, but I hope they fit you!

  10. I wear an 11 too so I know there is no going up a size. I will let you know how they run.
  11. the little clover (flower) patches in the front are sooo drawining my attentions to these babies. i dont' know if i'd be comfortable in them though (hard to buy shoes for my feet). but if i ever see you post a picture, i'm sure they'd win me over.
  12. I hope that they work for you! They are lovely!
  13. SO CUTE!! and i love that the khaki ones have the flowers like the indigo. please do post photos.
    super nice mom!! so sweet of her!:tender:
  14. Those are really nice. I hope they fit you good so you can keep them.
  15. Cool!:yes: