Jessie Boutique - lost Kooba

  1. Hey guys,

    Remember my post about my Kooba Devin that I never received from Jessie Boutique which I ordered waaaay back in August? Here's the original thread:

    Can you believe I still have NOT been credited the original amount back to my credit card? Is it wrong of me to ask for a refund after more than two months of waiting? I've called and emailed the store repeatedly with little success. The owner is never around. They never return my calls, and when I email them at length, I get a one sentence reply that says something to the effect of, "we'll check into it - give us more time."

    I am so frustrated and annoyed. In the past, I've had nothing but good things to say about Jessie Boutique, but I am totally amazed at how unconcerned they are about fixing this problem. I finally called my credit card company today, but jeez...should it really come to this? Do I really need to put in all this time and effort just to fix a problem? I love big online stores like Active Endeavors and Revolve but feel it's good to give business to the "little stores," but after this experience it has made me think again about shopping at small online boutiques. Anytime I've ever had a problem with AE or Revolve, it's immediately taken care of. A coupon code with their apologies and/or a full refund. Perhaps I'm spoiled with that level of outstanding customer service, but I think that this should be the rule, not the exception.

    Anyway - I'll keep you posted on this Jessie fiasco, but just wanted to warn you that when things go wrong, Jessie Boutique's customer service leaves much to be desired. Beware. :tdown:
  2. Thanks for this tip! I hope they make everything right. Maybe a little more force would let them know you mean business? Like letting them know you intend to make a complaint the the Better Business Bureau, and that your credit card company has been notified? Sorry they are making it difficult for you! Like I said, I hope they fix it, and sooner rather than later!!
  3. I'm sorry Jade. Thanks for the warning about these guys. Hope it gets resolved soon.
  4. How awful that they wouldn't help you out in this situation. You're totally right, it shouldn't have to come down to calling your CC company to get the credit. I mean... how long do they expect that you wait? Grrr...
  5. Hmmm.... when I saw your thread, I thought for one moment that perhaps your Devin had finally appeared after a world tour. No such luck.

    I personally think waiting over two months for a credit is way too long. Put your foot down with them Jade, they have your money whereas you don't have the purse. Definitely call and say you will be contacting the Better Business Bureau unless you have the refund back in your account by the end of the week. It's appalling customer service - totally unacceptable.
  6. You waited alot longer than I would of. You are in the right to demand your credit back on your card. I am glad you called the CC company. Good luck, I am sure in the end you will get the credit it is just to bad they dont take care of it right away.
  7. Thanks guys. I didn't think I was being unreasonable but it's nice to hear it nevertheless.

    What's really funny is I wrote Jessie yesterday and said I contacted my credit card company. Funnily enough, they wrote back almost immediately and said that they went to the post office who told them that my package had been delivered. (!?!?)
    However, since I previously discovered that they sent it out regular mail - with no valid tracking number or signature, I don't know what they're trying to pull. It's super frustrating. They keep telling me to contact USPS, and every time I do, they tell me the same thing. That there is no way to track this package because the tracking number they gave me is not valid. It's a customs number! Obviously there's some shady stuff going on here.

    Anyway, I contacted the BBB. Just an email with a complaint and the facts. I think their business practices are shameful!
  8. thanks for telling us this JadeJett I will stay away from this store. I hope you recieve your credit soon.

  9. Hi Jade sorry to hear about the should definitely call your CC company-because fortunately you paid by CC your are insured against loss, theft (or fraud is more what it looks like!!) If they can't even provide a tracking number then that is their problem, not yours. I wouldn't wait to do it...go!! Let us know what happens ;)
  10. Thanks AM - I actually did before I posted this thread. I didn't want to resort to that, much less post on TPF about it but at this stage, it's important for people to know about them. I got an email today from Jessie saying they can't do anything for me. They got a confirmation from the post office, so they consider it delivered. Even though they have no signature. Why, the postman could have just dumped it outside my apartment. My building is located on the corner of a very busy intersection downtown. Postmen usually don't do this, but once in a while you get the odd package outside. The boutique says it's not their problem. I say it's a big problem for them if they couldn't even bother to pay the cost to have it insured with a required signature. Who, in this day and age, mails an expensive purse regular mail? :confused1:

    Anyway, sorry to rant. I'll keep you all posted.
  11. Wow that really sucks! I can't see a postman just leaving it there either. Maybe they are avoiding giving you a tracking number because they don't actually have one?? Well I think I will be avoiding buying anything from them-at least you have warned us all thank you!
  12. I am so sorry! I had a pretty bad experience with Jessie boutique myself- I ordered a Paige from them and the second I took it out of the box a stud came loose. At first I was totally freaked out, but after emailing them and I felt a little better about the situation. CS told me that was authorized to sell Koobas and Jessie told me they would help me get the stud fixed. Long story short, they never did and kooba pretty much told me tough luck. To top everything off, jessie had the nerve to send me an email about POSTING ON TPF ABOUT THEM!!! I had posted on here (even B4 Kooba had a subforum) to get opinions on what I should do. They told me something along the lines of "I really dont appreciate you posting about us on TPF about us- you need to go back and correct it."-- like I was their kid or something. The ironic thing- I DEFENDED them in the thread! After MANY emails they agreed to pay for the cost of the repairs if I got the stud fixed in a leather repair shop. I faxed them my receipt after the bag was fixed and nothing to this day- they are RIDICULOUS. After this little incident I will NEVER buy from them again.

    I really hope everything works out for you and I hope ur CC can do something about it!
  13. Jade and knics33 - thanks for sharing your experiences. I'LL NEVER BUY FROM JESSIE BOUTIQUE - they are off my list! It's inexcusable to have such appalling customer service when you can get better service elsewhere.
  14. Yep! Horrible service. I talked to the owner of the store last Thursday and told her I had called my credit card company who sent me some papers to fill out. Before I finalized those papers, I thought I'd give it one last try. The owner said she went to the post office, they told her that the item had been delivered, but "would not give her proof." How weird is that, right? She said she would go back to the post office that day and get that proof and contact me immediately. Well lo and behold, it's a week later and I've called and emailed and nothing. I even offered to forgo the refund in return for a bag. That way, they would save a little since their wholesale cost for a bag is probably better than what they'd have to refund me. No answer. I'm filling out my credit card form today and faxing it off. I've had it!!!
  15. ugh- I am just so sory you are having to deal with this! If I were you I would just ignore Jessie and focus on getting something done through ur Credit Card Company! I really hope everything works out! And yes, Minimouse- NEVER order from Jessie boutique! lol!