Jessica's (so so) collection

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  1. I just started being into handbags not so long ago a year I would say some are gifts some I got. Most are just regular (not luxury) one (chanel) is my baby. [​IMG]
  2. I love all those gold bags!
  3. Love your Channel - classic!
  4. Love you Chanel as well! I love the variety of your bags :biggrin:
  5. haha "so-so" stuff it, girl!

    You have some REALLY cute bags! :smile:
  6. great collection! i love the zipper pull on your chanel bag! ptsh your collection is a little more than so-so!
  7. i love the metallic purple bag. what is that? i swear its so nice to see other ppls collections
  8. Great collection :love:
  9. The metallic purple is a Gianni Bini sold at Dillards.:P
  10. i like the red bag in your last pic! :smile:
    and the multicolour LV.
  11. Great collection!
  12. You have quite a collection!!!! Thanks for posting pics!!!
  13. Nice collection!! Thanks for sharing pics!
  14. i love your chanel bag! thanks for sharing!
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