Jessica's Nipples!

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  1. Jessica went out to dinner with this see through dress.
    9b178bfe4c.jpg ca688c1662.jpg b43427cd57.jpg
  2. Yikes!! :wtf:
  3. she has tiny nipples compared to those huge boobs! haha.
  4. I wonder if she would ever pose for Playboy???
  5. she hasnt had children, thats why they're small.

    On another note, Nick must be so proud of her:roflmfao:
  6. What?^^
  7. Not sure about most but i had smaller nipples before being preggers and b/feed my kids. So i'm going to assume that goes for most before having kids?
  8. Uhm mine didn't but they changed color :shrugs: Is Jessica drunk in these pics? She doesn't look as together as in most pics of her
  9. Mine changed color too.. hmm I must be odd :crybaby:
    YEah she looks as though she might of had one too many. Or maybe its the :amazed: from the crowd looking at her like she's nuts with whats she's wearing.
  10. Tacky. I`m definitely not a fan of her.
  11. This pic would've been perfect for my *Celebrity Boobs Oops* thread. :P LOL
  12. You should add it!:lol:
  13. :yucky:
  14. They DO look small.
  15. I am sure if she does, Papa Joe will be there to supervise the shoot!:graucho::yucky:
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