Jessica's new bag

What is up with that shirt she's wearing? Are those red lips on it? Plus, it's so ill fitting on her. What was she thinking? Oh wait, I forgot, thinking isn't one of her talents. That explains her decision to wear that shirt.
Man...people are tough around here! I really like her...her clothes are gorgeous 98% of the time! We all have hang out she supposed to look fabulous alllllllllllllllllll the time! She can't be TOOO stupid, she has made a hell of alot of money. Her lips look great, she is a pretty girl. Okay...Im stepping off my soap box now. :nuts: oh! I was reading my US magazine the other day and she was in it...they were slaying her for carrying the same bag on like 5 occasions. Thats kind of crazy! Remember when she got the white MC bag...she worshiped it...cutest thing ever! I still do that!