Jessica's Having A Friggin Blast, Plus She Has A New Look !

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I'm not sure about this guy thou :s

    Anyway she was at the club Hyde.
  2. ew, who the frig is that guy?????? She does look good tho
  3. Yuck.
  4. Oh she looks great.

    Prada's Meadow you are just amazing for keeping us all informed about the latest goings on in the celebrity world & the latest interesting news items! Thank you very much for your efforts! I love your posts!
  5. She does look good, I like the color and it looks good straightened!
  6. Thank you, I'm happy to keep you happy and entertained. :shame:
  7. I like the look..
  8. Is that her hairstylist guy friend behind her? Man, she looks hot!!! Great hair color and make-up for her!
  9. I think shes a liiiiittttlllleee bit :tispy:
  10. Why is she making what looks like her O face in the last two photographs?
  11. You really do :yahoo:
  12. Oops, I didn't scroll over to see the last two pics. Who is that lucky guy?! lol
  13. She looks awesome IMO! That color is really flattering on her, and I like the smoky eye.
  14. Her hair looks perfect!! (color and style) AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE her makeup!! WOo Hoo!!! (hated her new pizza hut comercial. :sad: I still love her though)!!
  15. I think it really suits her. It's about time her and Ashlee stopped cloning each other!