Jessica's Handbag?

  1. Can anyone name Jessica's handbag here?:shrugs:
  2. looks like a balenciaga of some sort at first glance to me
  3. ^^ Yeah, reminds me of Balenciaga... but is it?
  4. It does resemble a Balenciaga Hobo/Day but it's not entirely accurate.
    I say it's most likely something from her own line of purses.
  5. it's a gustto bag
  6. it's the ysl muse bag
  7. nerdphanie is right.
  8. It looks like a balenciaga hobo knock off :wtf:
  9. she wore same bag, same outfit, same necklace in both pix? :wtf:
  10. Thanks everyone, I love the wine colored Gussto. I smell a Christmas gift!
  11. Maybe the pic was taken the same day, she looks the same in both pics except for the hat & sunglasses.

    I thought it was the Jimmy Choo Mahala bag but I looked at a pic of it and it's not.
  12. Duh !!!!!!!!I didnt see her hair. Oops. Damn she worse the exact same outfit. Sorry Chloe.
  13. way into her weave/way out from her weave?
  14. hehe thats quite funny! Its a bit like spot the difference :P