Jessica's drawstring bag

  1. Does anyone know who makes this?
  2. Looks like Prada.
  3. If it's a Prada, Jill could help you identify it.
  4. no clue..but it sure is pretty!
  5. I just found out - it's from her own bag line
  6. Seriously? I like it :P
  7. wow i didnt know she had her own bag line. im gonna check it out!
  8. in that picture, it kind of looks like the jimmy choo 'ramona'.. but it's definitely from the Jessica Simpson bag line.. another way for her to further her empire :unsure:
  9. here are a couple more pics of her carrying handbags from her new line:

  10. Her line is kind of odd...some pieces are so great and other pieces really fall short. I am happy for her...she has worked really hard and deserves the success.
  11. Eh, so far I like the green one.
  12. her being forced to carry her bags just makes me hate them more. i mean, we all KNOW she HAS to carry them or she'll be sued like she is for not wearing her jeans. Just makes her line seem that more lame. sorry, jmo.
  13. Ugh. The world doesn't need more of Jessica Simpson's influence...imho.
  14. the bags shown here are not bad , in person probably not a good quality
  15. is it just me or did she gain some weight? I didn't realize how short her hair is!