Jessica's Close Encounter...... With Herself !!

  1. [​IMG] Jess can't seem to escape the headlines these days, no matter where she goes. Wednesday, Simpson came face to face with herself at her local Ralph's grocery store. She was greeted by an issue US Weekly magazine featuring a huge picture of the singer on the cover and the word "Dumped!" slapped across the front.
  2. her lips are still looking a bit 'trout pout-ish'!
  3. Yes, they do.:Push:
  4. hahaha! that would be so weird tho.
  5. Hahaha, how embarrasing:shame:
  6. Ha Ha funny, that must feel so weird.
  7. Could she be having a Homer Simpson moment? :Push: DOH
  8. oh god... so humiliating.....
  9. That was my first thought too --- the fish lips!
  10. I think she is still pretty...I really like her and hope all this drama doesn't bring her down
  11. Yikes! I'd feel very awkward.
  12. I think this becomes and every day thing.
  13. very embaressing
  14. What a slap across her face! :angel:
  15. Oh, she MUST be used to it by NOW.