Jessica with Wapity

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. wow, that IS small..thanks for the I have an actual idea of what it looks like on a person
  3. It is small. I have one but it holds a ton. I went to AC with my husband this weekend and I had my cellphone, compact, lipstick and money (along with my player cards!) and it all fits great.

    I use it for a wristlet, make up bag or wallet dependingon my mood.

  4. what is she wearing she has nothing on except tights !!!!
  5. that is basically what I would hold in mine too..cell, lipgloss, and I could put my new LV credit card holder in there too ;):biggrin:..I really like it though, I think it is adorable in the multicolor...I may have to get one:love:

    BTW..bring me back any saltwater Taffy?!
  6. hahaha.... ya know i love her purses..but man i question her fashion sense sometimes.

  7. Hee hee no taffy......


  8. I was wondering what happened to her pants!?;)
  9. I have seen a different angle of the pic, she had on a little pair of black shorts, still weird though
  10. Outfit would have been better had she remembered to wear some pants.
  11. Haha she forgot her tights! But that is a way cute accessory! I think I want one...
  12. I think the outfit is kind of cute.. but maybe I'm alone in that !

    And it was kind of weird to see Jessica with just the wapity, she usually carries very substantial bags. This was during their European marriage publicity stunt though, so how much do you really need to carry to dump a husband anyways !
  13. Those are cute, but I have no idea what I'd put in there.
  14. Oh, I just love the name of the bag.
  15. she's wearing Rachel Pally leggings. You think you can see her legs but you cant cos its the colour of the fabric!