Jessica: The Lady In Red !

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  1. She looks beautiful here !

    Jessica Simpson was looking simply radiant today on the set of her new flick, 'Blonde Amibition
  2. She looks gorgeous! Love the coat and handbag!
  3. i love her coat
  4. Like the coat!
  5. WOW!!!:yahoo:
  6. She looks like "Jessica" again! Hooray!
  7. She looks gorgeous in red!
  8. she looks good. see she just needs some body to help her (wardrobe dept)
  9. she is beautiful!!!:heart: the red..............very nice
  10. Is she in 'costume' or is this her real outfit for the day? Since the caption mentions that she is on set. Anyhow, she looks lovely!
  11. She looks really nice!!!! On another note, her extensions look great, why can't Britney w/ all her money buy some extensions like Jess?????
  12. Well maybe Brit's hair looks nice when she is getting ready to go out on the town :shrugs: and then she gets so sloppy, stupid drunk that she ends up looking like a bar rat!! ........that's all I could think of
  13. She looks really good (stylistically speaking) for a change!
  14. She looks wonderful and that red looks fab on her!
  15. Sweet coat!