Jessica Stam for LV

  1. jessica for LV


  2. great pics. thanks for sharing. the alma made me drool:p
  3. I hate that wig (?) on her.. it's very lifeless looking considering what her natural hair looks like.
  4. She is so lucky, she did LV and she got the Stam named after her!
  5. The bag in the second last pic reminds me of some chanel bags. Nice pictures. Thanks for posting. Don't really know who she is though. :p
  6. Cool pictures thanks for sharing! Is that first mono piece a vavin pm? These were all from a 2004 campaign?
  7. what's the black one after the suhali?
  8. I think its a Dior :confused1:
  9. This is so funny because I was just looking at an AD of hers for Dior in French Vogue. She looks amazing, this is one of the best LV AD's ive seen, I wanna see more :smile:
  10. Great pics thank you!
  11. did lv change their color patters?? the mc looks weird!
  12. I like Scarlett Jo much better!!
  13. Nice Sharing!
  14. yup :yes: the prototypes still have a red LV instead of a pink one :p

    I have to admit I'm not really a fan of these pics though :sweatdrop: The keepall one is kinda cute, but the rest just doesn't do it for me :nogood: I've seen far better of her!
  15. I don't think she's pretty at all....but the LV bags are cool, what is that one with the freaky piercings on it? Gross reminds me of skin.