Jessica Stam for CD

  1. [​IMG]
  2. She looks really pretty and I love the shade of green.
  3. I loooove the shoe!
  4. you dont wanna know what i think about this pic and the look of that girl :throwup:... but i love the dress ! :supacool:
  5. love the shade of green and the heels. i think someone else posted another similar advert (but in red/fuschia) in another thread.

    tee hee, nat are you gonna say the model in this particular advert's styling reminds u of a caterpillar?

  6. no hunny, i just wanted to say that the girl has no charm and sex appeal, that she was hurt by the make up guy by making a piece of unbaked bread of her face and she should sue for the mess she has on her head instead of hair. :tdown:Where is the style and oozing beauty i would expect from Dior ? ( come back Charlize ! ):okay:
  7. Yes! zero I also saw them, and really love the Adv. in red/fushia , the bag also!! any body have the better quality pic of that red/fushia adv??

    but I think that Jassica looks really good and did a good job as a top model for Dior this season!
  8. not a fan of the hair but the rest is fab.
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    nat, you're going to have me in stitches when we meet in july! i can't wait..i can just imagine the 2 of us conspiring and making fun of everyone as we people watch while having our donuts. :graucho:

    i think she's the girl who marc jacobs named the stam bag for. (said i, the fashion-clueless one)
  10. ^yes, it's her...;)
  11. Oooh. I love the pic! Jessica looks fabulous (and her nails are cute). Omg those shoes! :nuts:
  12. Same. That's the only off thing to me. The rest is fabulous.
  13. let me just say beauty of the bag matches hers :p;) ( by the way hon ate like a gazillion donuts this weekend ...practising hard before july! :roflmfao:)
  14. i love the color!
  15. Agreed!! The hair style doesn't really fit her!!!