Jessica Stam and DJ AM- new couple alert??

  1. [​IMG]

    What do you guys think of this new couple?

    DJ AM is one lucky guy :yes:
  2. Jessica Stam is gorgeous. They seem very happy together :yes:
  3. who is she? He sure gets alot of pretty ladies.
  4. Don't know who she is???
  5. I am glad I am not the only one, who has no idea who she is
  6. Jessica is a Canadian model.
  7. How does he even get all these ladies? I do not find him attractive whatsoever.
  8. It's the shoes,'s got to be the shoes!

  9. They make a cute couple because their names rhyme :amuse:
  10. I dont either... plus his boobs are bigger than hers ! :wlae:

  11. She is a very popular runway/editorial model, and Marc Jacob's Stam bag was named after her.
  12. Such a cute couple, I :heart: Jessica Stam, she is so fabulous and such an amazing model!
    Lovin' her Chanel bag aswell!

  13. Did DJ AM broke up with Mandy Moore already? So quick?
  14. Awww I like the second pic!
  15. She is a famous model, if I'm not mistaken the Marc Jacobs Stam bag is named after her.