Jessica Simpson's White Bag

  1. Does anyone know who makes this white bag that Jessica was photographed with in April?
    (sorry that the pic's not that great - it's in the new issue of US weekly)
  2. Is it the LV nimbus?
  3. ^^Yep- the Nimbus hobo from LV's S/S '07 Olmpe line. Retail is around $2600, I believe.
  4. Yup its the LV.
  5. OMG! You guys are GOOD! I couldn't even make out the pic that good! lol!
  6. sorry, she looks really bad in that pic!
  7. Its funny that you should say that - - the article that accompanied that pic was about how frumpy & unattractive she's looked lately. Apparently, she fired her stylist & has been making her own decisions re: clothing.

    Altho, I really do luv that bag!! (I'll never afford one tho!)