Jessica Simpson's TV commercial for Direct T.V.

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  1. Does it grate on anyone elses nerves like it does mine? That faux accent has GOT TO GO!

    Seems like she tries so hard to be a sex symbol/fashion icon. She's such a pretty girl, I wish she would stop trying so hard!
  2. Yes, she annoys the heck out of me! UGH
  3. YES!!!:hysteric:
  4. All in the name of making money.
  5. uggh I hate that commercial!! maybe it's those collagen lip injections! it just dont look right!!
  6. OMG!! THe first time I saw it, my first thought was, "I wonder how many thousands of takes it took for that airhead to get all those lines right?!"
  7. I love her but this damn commerical drives me into next week. The accent one but MOSTLY because everytime I see it Im eating something that is NOT on my diet and I look at her smokin body and feel like a FAT ASS!!! LOL
  8. OMG I know its the worse!!! I hate it! just hearing her speak ecckkk!!
  9. The worst commecial EVER!
  10. Nice to know I wasnt the only one thinking all of this!! :smile:
  11. Oh yeah, it gets on my nerves as well.
  12. :wtf: LOOOOOOOOOL ? :roflmfao:
  13. i know i thought i was the only that got annoyed by that horrible accent!
  14. *gag*