Jessica Simpson's jacket

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get this jacket? It's sooo gorgeous! :drool:
  2. i'm not much help, but i think its a lovely jacket also.
  3. Her Jacket is fendi, but its not current season, I think its from 2006.
  4. Why does she do that with her lips? drives me crazy
  5. That jacket looks a little too tight on the bust!
  6. The Jacket is made by Fendi. I think this was from the fall collection, not sure though.
  7. Yes its Fendi. You can find it in alot of Fendi outlets. :yes:
  8. Fantastic jacket. And she looks pretty there, except for the weird mouth thing she's doing.
  9. How much is it? I don't think there's a Fendi outlet near me.
  10. This is a really great jacket!
  11. very nice jacket!!