Jessica Simpson's I Belong To Me video

  1. Here's the link to her video:

    YouTube - Jessica Simpson - I Belong To Me

    I get that this is her 'sensitive' song. I like the song and I like the message.

    When she was married to Nick, she was quoted as saying she wouldn't cut her hair because Nick liked it long. She cuts it in the video.

    I'm sorry, but there's a big difference between saying "You know what? I always wanted to cut my hair, and I'm cutting it!" and crying and cutting it with nail scissors.

    (And I'm not even going to TOUCH the red lipstick / tiara thing!) pointed out this video has this creepy "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" vibe.
  2. I don't like her, but this song is really sad. I started crying!
  3. Give me a break!!! :roflmfao:

    Totally sucks. T-E-D-I-O-U-S...
  4. You know I get the confusion and self doubt. She got in the business at a young age and I really wonder if her father was more a manager than a parent. I mean, this could have been worked out with marriage counseling if the song is autobiographical. It never seemed like he was trying to possess her he seemed willing to let her fly. I really think her dad was a fly in that ointment.
  5. I don't like to look so deep into the song...we never really know the real truth behind it regarding her.

    I just like to enjoy the song and take the message with me that I am able to pick up from the lyrics etc.
  6. I do like Jessica, but the video and the song were just okay.
  7. I'm just glad that she realized that she is her own person now than NEVER. Hopefully, she can grow from this entire ordeal and become a better person.
  8. :yucky: :throwup:
  9. I thought it was sad.
    There were all these articles about how this was her song to Nick but I would say it's for her creepy dad.
  10. I like this song but her latest album SUCKS.
  11. no comments on her video.
  12. i love her, but i think she makes the most retarted faces when she sings.
  13. Ummmmm..........has she got new lips? they look painful
  14. trout pout.

  15. indeeeeeed... i much prefer listening to her with closed eyez