Jessica Simpson's Heels

  1. These are the cutest wedge heels - does anyone know the designer/style??? Thought maybe her own line but cannot find anything! Thanks!
  2. Kors by Micheal Kors, they are from last year, you may be able to find these in your local DSL shoes stores now for a very cheap price
  3. There's a lot of knockoff versions of this shoe for this summer, by brands like Steve Madden. I've seen very similar styles at many department stores, if you want to just get something like it.
  4. Those are very cute! I don't think she's ever wore anything from her own line.
  5. Ive never seen that picture of her before. Is she really holding that guys hand? Who is he...
  6. Ken Paves's boyfriend..Freddy Geiger (something like that). The pic was tooken Saturday.
  7. She has such a nice figure!
  8. she's so gorg.. jealous!
  9. I love her look here!
  10. I think those shoes are by Jessica.. (her shoe line)
  11. Right you are. They are from JS's own line:
  12. Thank you so much!! I thought they might be from her line, adorable. Hopefully still available.
  13. What is this doing here?
  14. It was in a Celebrith Section as of this morning.:shrugs: I don't know how it got here!:nuts:
  15. its lost???LMAO???