Jessica Simpson's haircut?

  1. How would you describe it (when it's long - not short)?

    I'm considering getting my hair cut like her's but I can't find the right picture.
  2. I love her hair too!!! Here are a few of my fave. styles of her's.

    I'm planning on getting my hair cut soon too, so I'll let you know if I get any other pics!!!
    1926_1630_Simpson-Jessica-02-121503-lo.jpg JessicaSimpson.jpg jessicasimpsonh.jpg jessica-simpson-picture-009.jpg jessprom2.jpg
  3. I love her hair at any can not go wrong!
  4. ^^ I LOVE the third pic... but I have long hair and while I am going to get 2 inches cut off to get rid of the ends I would still like to keep my length.. it's a part of me. Hmm.. maybe a longer version of the third pic?

    Do you know how layered her hair is in that picture?
  5. ^^^I'm not completely sure, but I think the long layers are cut to her chin...because the hair that hits her shoulders are actually hair extentions.....I think the long layers hitting her chin is her real hair because I remember right when her "I Belong to Me" video, she had a short bob. Does that help??
  6. ^^ Yeah it does! I'm still a little confused but then again hair is confusing lol!
  7. the two with long hair are extensions.
  8. LOVE Jessica's hair!!

    No matter what, she looks great!!
  9. I know her hair almost always looks amazing, I say almost because there have been a few hicups IMO! I like her blond, but she can rock long and short, straight and curly!
  10. God, I love her hair!!! I am so jealous, no matter what she does it looks great.
    I thought she used extensions!! Loved the bob in "Belong to Me" video.
  11. Yeah, I love the 3rd picture!
  12. She has gorgeous hair
  13. I love Jessica's hair! Any length looks good on her!
  14. Thank you...that's what I was trying to say,:p but it took me an entire paragraph to do so....and it still didn't make sense....anyway, her real hair in those pics is chin length....:yes:
  15. Wow what I'd do to have hair like that! I love #3.