Jessica SImpson's Boots are walking...

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  1. Jessica SImpson ans Nick Lachey, are offically over....:sad2: They were cute...:biggrin: But since Jess made $$$, and se said she finally got the bod she always wanted..she's gone. Tabs say the money and fame changed 'em. (Who woudln't change? Even if you didn't want to?) Fame, and constant alligations had to hurt them! I know i would fall apart if evry one was watching my breathe! BUT she's 5 something years his junior, he was following sowing seeds,and she's just 4 years legal to drink, Prority's are diffrent! Not to mention, she party's and he sits at home. Plus it's always been commented he isn't sure about faithfull-ness. But we all had the doubt they wouldn't make it, it would have been great if they did. But usually once your in hollywood's eyes, that's the only eyes you usually keep.

    Personally she always seemed to irratiate him, when they wre filmed, he probably was done partying with the dumb blonde routine, and wanted a serious one.:suspiciou

    But I do wish them luck, and respect their privacy, even though I know the papparizi won't , the'll be looking for a rebound to shoot pics of them with.
  2. In the few episodes that I watched, I agree you could see that he was not impressed by the dumb blonde act.
  3. hahha, i think it's her dumb blonde act is what made her famous in the first place, and he obviously hated that fact!
  4. :toung: I think it did too, I mean I'm not pointing fingers but the more popular you get, the blonder alot of celebs hair does their I'm a blonde and I'm ditzy...I think theirs a point when Guys don't find it hott, I would trust some of these woman, with a child, if I was a man looking for a future wife...
  5. My bad, I mean I WOULDN'T trust
  6. Well, this was totally not a surprise to anyone. Maybe the paparazzi and the tabloids contributed to it, but they just exploit the cracks that are already there !

    Now Nick Lachey has no claim to fame, before he was Mr. Jessica Simpson, now he's just.. sad ex-boybander !
  7. I don't know why, but i feel bad that they broke up. I used to love watching newylweds because it was refreshing to see such a youbg couple so in hope is gone :sad2: . It was because of that show that I bought my Multicolour Speedy.

    I thought the marriage would last, i didnt beleive the tabloids...guess there is a little truth to some of those covers of US magazine

    Okay, I just realized that I need to get a life.......:huh: I'm done now:toung:
  8. usually tabloids are full of sh*t, but when the rumors are piling up....
    it used to be the same with brad and jen. or when ashton and demi got married.
    where there's smoke...
  9. I love all this garbage. That is all.:lol:
  10. Well, this was the worst-kept secret in the world(!) I think pretty much everyone saw this coming, and I hate to admit that it does make me a little sad. I watched every episode of Newlyweds, and by the last season you could just see them sniping at each other. But they did really love each other once - I always think its sad when that fades away.
  11. i should rewatch my newlyweds dvds again and see how they were acting towards each other in the end. =P
  12. I noticed that too, they definitely acted different towards each other during the 2nd season of Newlyweds than in the 1st season. It's so sad though....I know hardly anything in Hollywood lasts but now that we're older, I really see it. The couples that I thought were really steady and for certain are no longer. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, there's so many's so sad.
  13. I'm sure MTV will do some kind of psychological spin showing how the couple deteriorated on film to suck all that's left of them. Just wait.... or E true hollywood story or something.
  14. I still think that it's her creepy father that ruined the marriage. Couldn't
  15. I still think that it's her creepy father who ruined the marriage. Couldn't have been easy with him lurking around everywhere.