Jessica simpson's bag in this week's US ID?

  1. Can anyone ID the beautiful brown bag Jessica Simpson is pictured with in this week's US magazine? I think it is Lanvin but I can't find it anywhere!
  2. Can you post the picture?
  3. pic will definitely help
  4. I have a couple of pictures but can't resize...can anyone resize and post them for me?
  5. Email them to vlad{at}

  6. Vlad you are just so good! You are really unbelievable this last week.
  7. Wow you are quick! Getting ready to send them now..thanks Vlad!
  8. There ya go. Pleasure to serve.
    js1.jpg js2.jpg
  9. cute bag! She looks GORGEOUS!!
  10. I tihnk Nicole R. has been carrying them lately as well.
  11. Those are cool bags hellosunshine thank you for the link

    But are you sure? They look a bit diifferent..don't seem to have the same color variation and I think I see the little lanvin circular charm on the side of JS's bag? I could be wrong..but thanks for the response!
  12. My first thought was Balenciaga, but I don't think they ever made anything like this. Sorry I am really no help.:P
  13. It would completely figure if it was balenciaga (I'm balenciaga obsessed) but I haven't seen it in the line.....
  14. It looks like a Gustto to me too, but not the one you linked to. :confused1: I looked again. Does a large version of the Setela exist, perhaps?