Jessica Simpson

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  1. all babies don't look alike though, this baby looks nothing like any of mine when they were her age.
    I see Jess's features - big brown eyes and full lips. Purdy!
  2. it's very easy to see characteristics of at least one parent when a baby is born.
    it's usually the eyes or nose that resemble the parent.
  3. All the talk about her weight is tiresome, i could really care less
  4. a11.jpg a14.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg
  5. Oh wow...her hair. Why not just put it in a ponytail?
  6. Chile.... This whole working out looks like its getting the best of Jess
  7. I agree! And congrats on your pregnancy! You're about as far along as I am! I'm 15 w today!
  8. Awww thanks chick and congrats to you too, i hope that all goes well with you and the future bairn xoxo
  9. hope those buttered pop tarts were worth it......
  10. coulda done without the shots of her vag....
  11. Wow. So I guess we have more time to prepare for her belting tunes on commercials...
  12. Say what now? Buttered Pop Tarts??? :yucky:
  13. Her legs are short, just like mine! I always get excited when I see someone with shorter legs. I guess it was because I used to be self conscious about mine because I could never find pants that were short enough.
  14. ^^ I have stumpy little legs too! You're not alone! :biggrin:

    She's doing herself no favors here. If she didn't wear such tight clothes and actually brushed her hair she wouldn't look too bad, but if I were her I probably wouldn't care about my appearance going to the gym either.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.