Jessica Simpson

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  1. jessica does not have a pop voice
    her sister has a pop voice
    rihanna has a pop voice
    britney spears has a pop voice
    jessica does not
  2. I think she does. If not, what it is then? And why did she never really take off? Her sister did better on the music charts than she did. Although I can't stand Ashley, she had a couple of songs that were awesome to listen to. Jess, not so much. So syrupy sappy and perhaps twangy which is not my forte either.

    Too each they're own :peace:

    But I am sure she's gonna be a good momma. Hopefully not too many nannies.
  3. I agree. She has a lovely voice but someone mentioned it not being pop-py as I mentioned and that's cool but to me she is and the others she listed are yes,

    a) indeed pop-py

    b) sucky vocalists. No range in that group - except Jess. She can blow. Just not my thang.

  4. i think she has a voice more tuned for ballads and the like.
  5. The first thing i noticed is that she needs to re-touch her roots (pet peeve)
  6. I'm not a huge fan of it to start with, but for some reason I just can't take Jessica's version. I can def deal with other songs by her, but this is by farrrrrrr her worst song, my god. It sounds like some scary elevator music composers put it together and forced her to sing it under some sort of major duress. Like the kind that the CIA doesn't want to admit to using:lol:
  7. :roflmfao:
    I also think it's that bad. And the original is severely overplayed, too...
  8. girrrrrrrl, you tell me how you managed to wrangle that and I'll owe you my firstborn......... :wtf:;)
  9. ^^Shut your mouth Jessica...a smile would have been sooooo much better!!
  10. Veins look like a road map. :cool:
  11. Hard to know this when you don't know her personally.
    Maybe she thought the WW deal would be incentive. Who knows?

    I'm a huge fan of Jessica.
    But, she's destroyed her body so much from over-exercising/under-eating that when PG, of course she's going to gain copious amounts of weight. Her body (like most other celebs) balloons up because it's saying "Wait! I LOVE this food. You've starved me for so long!"

    Jessica admitted she put her body through hell for the DOH movie, etc... This is the product.

    I hope she gets to a healthy place--
    Gaining that much weight with PG is NOT healthy.
  12. I agree... I think having a healthy relationship with food is so, so important.. And many people lack it
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