Jessica Simpson...

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  1. "Jessica shops with Ken Paves and best friend Cacee Cobb on Thursday (04/27/06). This is what happens when a celebrity stylist gets too comfortable in the circle - he stops doing his job."


    (All pictures were taken from
  2. OMG! she looks haggard. She needs to fire her stylist.
  3. I like the bag though! I think it's a Tods. That seems to be the bag she is shown carrying a lot lately.
  4. I like her bag though...
  5. There was a rumor going on for a while that she was actually dating him. Of course, no one knows for sure.
  6. Hmm dating him? He acted gay when he was on the show.
  7. I am NOT a fan.:wacko:
  8. Uhm, not to be the perv here, but do i see some camel toe??
  9. Wow! Bad hair day?
  10. yeah bad hair day but I like her bag..
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Someone needs to tidy her up.
  13. She is gorgeous when she's cleaned up but I see signs of aging badly. And she look exactly like her dad.
  14. LOL...yes!
  15. Looks like her real hair is damaged because of those heavy hair extensions she wears every other week. :blink: