Jessica Simpson - Where is this from?

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  1. It's from a movie..
  2. Wow, I was going to say she did look preggers; and she needs her roots touched up.
  3. What movie though, do you know?
  4. Probably from upcoming movie Employee of the Month w/ Dane Cook.
  5. Yay Dane Cook!
  6. he's adorable huh!?
  7. YES! :heart:3
  8. Ditto the above
  9. i love dane cook!
  10. This is the movie. I saw this pic in some other mag talking about her playing pregnant in the movie.
  11. They say she is dating him now...kind of. She caught his comedy show recently and then went to the VIP room later on.
    This photo is from the movie. I think she works in a Costco? in the movie.
  12. I Think She Denied It Though
  13. You're right. I think she did deny it. Dane has had a live-in gf for abt 2 yrs now. I should know. I stalk him on a regular basis..........j/k. I wish I was!!!!! :amuse:
  14. I LOVE Dane Cook! I laugh everytime I even hear his voice! He is hysterical!