Jessica Simpson wedges - Yay or Nay?

  1. I am not a huge fan of JS, but her JS shoes sure catch my eyes. I would be happy with either of these (from

  2. They're cute. I am already 5'9"... so they would make me taller than my man. Nay.
  3. I like the first one better... =)
  4. The first ones remind me of Chloe, right? but they are the better looking of the pair.
  5. Im just not loving them!! Plus I find that style so hard to walk gracefully in!
  6. Oh those are too cute!
  7. Both are cute! But I think I prefer the 1st one also if I had to pick.
  8. I like the first pair, these would definitely add some height for me(I'm around 5'2")
  9. I love the first pair!! Looked at these the other night.
  10. Oh yeah, the first pair are absolutely a Chloe knock-off!
  11. Both cute, IMO.
    Even the knockoffs.

    I have a pair of JS wedge boots that I picked up from Nordies and they're super comfy.
  12. How comfy are these heels? The appear comfy...
  13. I have these and you would never know how high they are, they're so comfortable. So much so that I would definately consider buying either of those mary janes that were posted.
  14. stratsey, those boots are HOT, HOT, HOT! I think I'll try on a pair tomorrow!
  15. I suppose you could consider these knock-offs, but IMO the JS wedges are much cuter.


    Jessica Simpson
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