Jessica Simpson to auction off wedding ring for charity?

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    Jessica Simpson to Auction Off Wedding Ring for Charity?
    By Susan Hatch
    May 22, 2006

    Jessica Simpson has made plans to auction off her 3.5 carat wedding ring and donate the proceeds to charity a published report claims. The blonde actress and singer had recently been shown still wearing the ring around her neck, but no more.

    The report says the ring is off her neck and set for auction.

    According to Mike Walker - the proceeds from the ring will go to Jessica's favorite charity that she works so hard to promote - Operation Smile.

    The report claims that Jessica called Nick personally to warn him that she was selling the ring for charity. "Nick flipped out," an insider revealed. "He pleaded with her to meet so they could discuss it."

    Now apparently Jessica did agree to meet, but she refused to give up on her charitable contribution. In fact - according to Walker - if the pair just happens to reconcile, she will want a new ring for a fresh start.

    Nick is not happy - as he now realizes that some stranger could end up with Jessica's ring.

    Walker is also reporting in his "all the gossip" column that the ring will be auctioned off on eBay. No word on when the auction kicks off - but if this is accurate - the press release will come

    --Susan Hatch
  2. I think that I would be unhappy too if I was Nick because my engagement ring means so much to me. But too each their own.
  3. ouch, I feel bad for nick.
  4. I feel bad for him. I mean yes it is her ring but to assume * oh if we get back together he'll buy me a new one* omg if were him i'd take that as you ready are a spoiled brat and not want her back.

    I mean it is nice that she is going to give to charity but come on Jess you have more then enough money to do that.
  5. I can see the reason why she wants to do this:

    She needs publicity. It's been "dry" for her lately. No Jessica this and Jessica that. She needs to be in the media again. She can easily give [​IMG] to charity. If she gave her own money to charity, it's not a big deal and she knows it won't make the headline. This kind of story will make the headlines and medias will talk about it for days to come. I wonder if she has something new is coming out .

    More reason for Nick to move on...
  7. I feel so sorry for Nick too.. He may be no angel but he truly did love her. She seems so self-absorbed. I guess I'm rooting for him because he is still so "normal". He knows where his roots are. He was in Indy a couple of weeks ago & grew up in Ohio- I just see him as a "home-town" boy I guess. If I wasn't happily married, I'd take his mind off Jessica:graucho:;)
  8. I think he loves her very much still and losing the ring kinda means she decided to lose that part of him in her life. At least that's how I would feel.
  9. Gossip...that's what I say about it. I really hope that it is just gossip.
  10. I agree, even when he was *it* in the boy band he was still down to earth.
    She went over the top fast and hasnt been the same. Money went to her head and pimp daddy's wallet and it was over.

  11. I like Nick too, but don't kid yourself...he works it in the LA lifestyle bigtime. He does not miss a party or PR for that matter. He wouldn't be where he is without her right now.
  12. but on the same note she wouldnt be where she is without him. I mean she was nothing( less then him) when they got married. Getting married worked for both of them and pimp daddy saw that.
  13. Since when does she care about charity ?!?!
  14. the whole divorce situation is really unfortunate...ayay.
  15. Most people don't wear their wedding ring after a should it sit in a safe and collect dust, or be auctioned for charity (and yes, she has worked with this charity for a while)? Why keep a reminder of her failed marriage sitting around when it could help someone?