Jessica Simpson Talk

  1. For all you who love the latest scoop/talk...

    Heard on the radio today she has been wearing her wedding ring on her necklace daily...and people are asking why? They also say she is admitting her father may have been a problem in the relationship with Nick etc. It was also said that Nick has broken his latest relationship off with Vanessa Manillo (not sure of the spelling). There is talk and people wondering if there may be a reconciliation. Nick admitted he still really loves Jessica and blah, blah, blah. Both families have much respect for both Nick and Jessica etc. So, people are talking this may be a sign etc. Pretty funny...but had to share.
  2. I hope they get back together....I really think they are good together!!
  3. agree with sunshine!they were a really cute couple!
  4. I heard something about this yesterday. I don't think it's funny so much . . . I hate to see couples break up, especially since it seemed like their decision was a little hasty.
    Hopefully at the minimum they can be civilized to one another, even if they don't reconcile.
  5. I hate the fact that she would do ANYTHING even wear her wedding ring after SHE filed for divorce to get headlines!:evil:
  6. Do you really think she filed for headlines? Those are headlines you really don't want. JS knows there are many people that like her, but really adore him as well.
    I also don't want you all to think I posted this to be mean or that I think it is is not. I think it is sad they are apart and I cheer for them to reunite.
    When I say it is funny, I mean how all this gossip talk gets going. (due to a picture of her with the ring on her neck) It makes you see with this little bit of gossip how hard they really have it to try and keep the relationship together. I believe he is a straight up guy because he just did an interview and he only said positive things about her and her family despite what he feels. That takes a mature, straight up person to do that. Swallow your pride to be the better person. Love him for that even if it is a bit done for his career as well.
  7. I, for one, was shocked when I found out that they were filing for divorce...being a newlywed myself at the time....and as a happily married girl, I wish them a reconciliation...I think they both love each other. Its hard not to, when you share so much with a person...JMO.

    I mean, they survived being filmed and being on camera day in and day out...I dont know if 'I' would survive that..much less with someone else....
  8. ah. their better her style BTW...
  9. No, I don't think she filed for divorce to get headlines. I said she wore her wedding ring around her neck to get headlines. I don't think it's funny either. I just think that she is a media whore and that's just my opinion. Nick, on the other hand, is a very genuine person and I feel bad that he had his heart broken by a tart who's life is being run by her pimp/daddy!
  10. No one really knows "The Real Reason Behind Her Divorce." Anyway, who initiate the divorce first? Is it Nick or Jessica?


    Even if they reconcile, nothing changes the fact that Jessica is going to drill NICK!!!! Evidence: Newlyweds. Look at how Nick have to give in to her always.
  11. She was the one who filed for divorce.
  12. Everyone is surprised that they were getting divorced. I totally saw it coming. In newlyweds, she was so so immature and really annoyed him. They were so different. I knew they wouldn't last and I think he can do better.

    This is a really good article about Nick telling the truth about what happened between them.,19736,1184925,00.html
  13. My sentiments exactly. I don't think he's a brain surgeon either but I think he can get someone a lot smarter than Jessica. She has boobs, no brains. That only takes you so far until you look like an old saggy leathery bag (from how tan she is!). My gosh, get that girl away from the tanning bed/spray/whatever it is!!!!!
  14. Jessica Simpon is friggin annoying, I can't stand her