jessica simpson speedy

  1. is everyone sure this is the 35? It looks so cute on her:smile:
  2. I dont see a pic.
  3. Did you post a pic? I can't see it!
  4. If this is the one you've been asking about....yes it's the 35.
  5. Yes, it's a 35.
  6. you guys must be telepathic cuz I still don't see a pic!
  7. yes it's a 35
  8. Yes 35 you should go to Jessica Style - Bags 1 to see some more photos of her carrying it, along with her other bags.
  9. yea its a 35 and i think its soo cute on made me want a mono speedy!
  10. now I'm really confused:confused1: I thought we were talking about jessica simpson? (still going to check out the site though!)
  11. She may be referring to the pictures of her in the celeb thread...maybe?
  12. [​IMG]

    I think this the photo in question and that certainly looks like a 35!
  13. So saggy, it's the only bad thing about speedys..I just can't do the sag!

  14. I am so sorry but I am getting such a kick out of you bagsnshoofetish!!! You are making me crack up - and only because I am just as confused!!!!!
  15. Oh and I LOOOVE the sag!!! It's a little too big for me but I looove when speedy's sag! Anyone else like this look?? Am I just weird?