Jessica Simpson shoes in Toronto

  1. Ok ladies in Toronto, I am desperately looking for the pumps below by Jessica Simpson! I saw them at Town Shoes but they are out of size 7 all over Canada! Does anyone kknow where else I can find them???

  2. I LOVE those shoes!!! The only place where I have seen Jessica Simpson shoes is the department shoe L.S. Ayres, but I am not sure if you are familiar with that store. Good luck with b/c those shoes are fab!!
  3. I think Capezio may sell them. Good luck!
  5. Unfortunately, Nordstrom does not ship to Canada :sad:
  6. Thanks! I will check with them!:supacool:
  7. I tried them (JS shoes) on but they are too narrow for me! Browns has their own version of those. They are about $200.00 - 250.00 Canadian but made in Italy and MUCH MORE comfortable!:yes:
  8. Oh I didn't know that, I'll definitely check those out. I've heard the JS shoes are really uncomfortable.
  9. ^I've also heard the same thing, although I have not tried them on personally.
  10. I have tried a few pair of JS line of shoes, some are uncofortable. Have you tried Macys or online places like Zappos?
  11. I've seen J.S shoes in Yorkdale Mall.

  12. Thanks, I will check them out at Browns! :smile:
  13. Nice tip. Thank you for sharing
  14. Check at Capezio. I saw them at Square One and I wanted the same ones in Black but unfortunately they ran out of size 7.5. I was suprised that they were so comfortable. Here's their website as well: Capezio Shoes
  15. saw then on, for $82.95. If you have a friend in the states get them to send it to you.