Jessica Simpson Sheridan Tote have question! help!

  1. well....i got one in black from SMARTBARGAINS.COM it is great just loved it and my neice wanted one so i got one from eBay (really seems like a legit seller)
    but when i got it the shape is different....THEN i looked at google search and smartbargains had TWO different pix of the bag one more east west and one more tall...
    here are the two pix
    [​IMG]THIS IS THE SECOND ONE I GOT SEE IT IS TALL more like bucket bag no?

    here is the original one from smartbargains


    everything on both bags is identical the hardware and inside and label and tags identical...

    MY QUESTION there TWO versions of this bag???? or god forbid is one a fake?

  2. I am thinking there are two different version of the bag. I can't imagine Jessica Simpson bags being faked as they are inexpensive bags and it wouldn't be profitable for counterfeiters.
  3. im sure there are just two versions- I highly doubt jessica simpson bags are faked
  4. wowwwwwwwwwww you are all so FAST!!! AMAZING!!!!
    thanks so much!! yes i agree it seems UNLIKELY that her bags are fakes ..the highest i see them for is under 300 and i got mine for 99 on sale .....also got soft green sheridan for neice tooo at low price! she will loveeeeeee them....i just didn't want her friends to say it's a fake! lol

    by the way if you can get it on sale it is a great TOTE to knock around with very soft leather too......i can leave my marc jacobs at home when going places i am afraid to ruin him in!