Jessica Simpson Purfumes $14.99 (was $99.00)

  1. WOW, I guess that didnt to to well?
  2. $99, that seems kind of steep for something like that!
  3. the packaging looks like even 14.99 is too mcuh!
  4. oops i meant MUCH
  5. Amazon made a mistake with this one... The Treats line with the cupcake packaging was actually cheaper than the regular Dessert line and I believe it has been discontinued. I have a Dessert Treats perfume that I got on clearance for $5 at a local drugstore a year ago. There was never a Dessert product that was that expensive!
  6. I'd rather buy a Chanel perfume rather than a $99 Jessica Simpson ones. Looks like drugstore stuff.
  7. They could give it away and I still wouldn't wear it!!
  8. her shoes also always are on sale 40% off at my local mall. her name/brand does not go far anymore.
  9. This is almost as bad as loosing that HOTTIE she had :push: