Jessica Simpson "Public Affair"

  1. I only heard it once...but, if I remember correctly, it reminded me of a young Madonna song.
  2. it does sound like an early madonna song...except the singing.

    something about her voice is so grating to me when she does really pop-y sythesized stuff. LOVE her ballads though.
  3. madonna's holiday
  4. It does remind me of holiday.
  5. This song isn't any better than Paris Hilton's "Screwed". As I said before, I WISH THE SIMPSON FAMILY WOULD JUST GO AWAY!!!:throwup:
  6. She sounds SHOCKINGLY :wtf: like Madonna's Holiday. Boooring.

    And her falsetto sucks. For me though, she always sounded like she was yelling.
  7. SO Madonna, and not in the good way! :whistle:
  8. Yup !!:hysteric:
  9. I like it, it's just a light song for the summer!
  10. it TOTALLY sampled "Holiday"!
    I actually think it's okay. . . I'm glad she changed her singing style for it personally. I'm not sure I would've even known it was her if they didn't tell me first.
  11. The instrumental part is definitely "Holiday" but imo jess has a better voice than madonna
  12. Ok...glad you guys agree, cuz I thought it was just me that heard the similarity. Thanks Gals!
  13. i almost mistook it for britney spears, along with her new song fired up. just as britney as well
  14. I think the song is pretty catchy =)