Jessica Simpson Platforms

  1. Has anyone bought or seen her shoe collection? I haven't seen her shoes for sale in Canada so I bid on one on Ebay and won. Just wondering if anyone has seen these shoes IRL, pls let me know. I thought it looked pretty good in the auction pics. Here's the link:
  2. i saw it at macy's yesterday. they are pretty cheap though (and cheap quality). only around 80 retail.
  3. Thanks ally24k ... at least I didn't pay alot for them. Some of the other Ebay sellers have BIN of $125 and up for these shoes.
  4. they arent sold out at all. don't pay over 80 imo since the ones i saw yesterday (including the one you won) retailed for 79 + tax.
  5. I have the black patent leather ones. I wanted to get the louboutin ones, but these look almost the same-minus the red bottom. Theyre comfy and for a "trendy" shoe, the price is decent.
  6. weibaobai - I wanted the black ones too but the BIN prices seemed too high for a shoe I haven't seen IRL. I also wanted to get the louboutin ones too but that's definitely out of my budget right now. It's good to know that the shoes are comfy though.
  7. Yeah I have them in white patent leather. Very cute with skinny jeans.
  8. I have the regular Jessica Simpson pumps, it was comfy in the beginning but they hurt after awhile.
  9. The open toe ones aren't sold out - I saw them in Nordstom. The closed toed ones seem to be sold out though.
  10. I have the same ones in black. They're not bad for a trendy shoe...
  11. i have the jessica simpson BARB shoe in black
    and the AMY shoe in red..
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE them
    but they run very narrow so buy a 1/2 size larger (trust me, i had to send a pair back)
    dont buy them on ebay.
    they are both about 78$ and if you call macy's they have them!!
  12. I bought a pair, and after an hour of wearing them my feet were KILLING me. They do run small too.
  13. That is good to know, thanks :biggrin: I had seen a couple of pairs in Nordstrom last week and I was tempted, since they're a decent price and looked kinda like the Louboutins I'll never be able to afford :Push: But if they kill your feet, that's a no-no for me, no matter how cute they are.
  14. I saw them today in person, and they look kinda cheap, in my humble opinion. There was nothing spectacular about them. Just big platforms and metallic accents. I'd rather invest in a good shoe(preferably one made in Italy!) Sorry if anyone really likes them. :shame: