Jessica Simpson out in L.A.

  1. A fit and fabulous Jessica Simpson leaves an upscale restaurant after hanging out with her hairdresser pal Ken Paves on Friday in Los Angeles.
    Jessica, 27, held her breath and sucked in her tummy while passing paparazzi. She was also seen wearing a small gold pendant in the shape of her home state of Texas.
    The generous actress recently bought $300 good luck charms with gold pendants in the shape of Louisiana for each of the cast and crew of her upcoming military movie Major Movie Star (that’s where they filmed). Miss Simpson had commissioned jewelry designer Maya Brenner to create the 14-karat gold pendants, which she handed out as gifts at the film’s wrap party.

    I think she looks fabulous. Really fit and so natural. Love her hair and her outfit.
    jessica-simpson-sucking-in-tummy-01.jpg jessica-simpson-sucking-in-tummy-02.jpg jessica-simpson-sucking-in-tummy-04.jpg jessica-simpson-sucking-in-tummy-03.jpg jessica-simpson-sucking-in-tummy-05.jpg
  2. I love her more when shes toned down & natural instead of caked on in eyeliner with big hair. She looks healthy here :yes: Wonder how she lost all that weight so quickly...

    But is it just me, or does Jessica look out of proportion on side view?? I dont know... high shoulders with a push up bra.... she looks like she took a huge breath!
  3. she looks cute
  4. she does look cute...but she looks like she is sucking in her stomach for those shots.
  5. :tup:
  6. She looks good!
  7. She looks great, love her outfit - nice and casual. But yeah she looks like she is trying to hold her stomach in or something.
  8. She is cute!
  9. Cute blue bag and shoes!!
  10. She probably did the South Beach Diet again.
  11. More new pics of Jessica!

    Jessica Simpson arrives in Malibu with her assistants to a beach party on Saturday.
    Currently working on Major Movie Star, Jessica plays a down-on-her-luck movie star who tries to change her life by enlisting in the U.S. Army. She was recently shooting scenes in Shreveport, Louisiana. Jessica will star alongside Olesya Rulin and Vivica A. Fox.
    jessica-simpson-beach-party-01.jpg jessica-simpson-beach-party-02.jpg jessica-simpson-beach-party-03.jpg jessica-simpson-beach-party-04.jpg jessica-simpson-beach-party-05.jpg
  12. She Looks Great!
  13. why is she deliberately blocking her lower stomach?
    It's distracting me!
  14. Jessucka looks amazing here...Sadly she doesn't know minimal makeup is the way for her.
  15. Looks good, anyone know what jeans she's wearing in the 1st pic?