Jessica Simpson out for dinner!Again Hot Legs!

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  4. She's so sexy!!!!!!!!

  5. I like that clutch - who makes it?
  6. Jessica Simpson leaves her downtown Manhattan hotel and grabs dinner at the Waverly Inn (Vanity Fair supremo Graydon Carter’s restaurant) with her best friend/former assistant Cacee Cobb. She toted around a black-and-white striped gift wrap clutch.
    01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg
  7. Looking good:tup:.
  8. she looks happy FINALLY!
  9. sorry - I'm having trouble with her "trout Pout"
    She's just so cute without that plastic surgery.
  10. She looks great!!
  11. She's prettier than Ashlee :yes:
  12. She is still so HOT!!!!
  13. Someone please tell me how you get calves like that!
  14. I think she looks younger in these photos than she has done in recent years...more reminiscent of her pre-marriage years.
  15. She's so beautiful!!