Jessica Simpson "nip slip"???

  1. [​IMG]
    don't know how old this pic is... but doesn't it seem more often than before nick and her split, she's showing her self off more?
  2. If you've got, flaunt it while you are young is what I think
  3. she could at least tuck it in a little.... LOL
  4. She is hot and that is part of the way she makes her is part of what she has to do to stay on top.

    Hey, maybe she should tuck it in a bit, but at least she is young and it looks great! She'll need to tuck it in 20 years from now!!!
  5. If she doesn't start wearing a bra, those puppies will be hitting the deck by age 35!
  6. I believe she's already had a boob lift. I'm sure she wouldn't mind getting another one or two if necessary.
  7. ^ Agreed! (Luna)
  8. her boobs will be completely gone if she gets 2 more lifts! LOL! Lifts almost always remove some tissue.
  9. She is a lovely, single woman!!! She has a gorgeous body and looks great in clothes. GOOD FOR HER!!!! I hope she has some fun and enjoys her 20's!!! She is not ALWAYS braless...and if she is a few times..I think its great!! There are many celebs that are trashy...I just do not think she is.
  10. Those are old pics before she got something done with her boobs.
  11. I think she also had implants with her boob-lift;)
  12. I'm not saying she's trashy... I don't really need to see her areolas, though.
  13. lol...I doubt she walked out of the house saying...hmmm...I want to expose my nipple to tons of paparazzi....Im sure it just slipped...I love the dresses!!! She isnt the only one this has happened to!! We could start a whole thread of nipple shots!!
  14. LOL... I'm joking around... I love celeb boobies. :roflmfao:

    Sometimes the boobs have more personality than the celeb.
  15. Tara Reid, and they look trashy to