Jessica Simpson Newest handbag

  1. there's another thread about this bag and those pictures. I don't know the thread title, but jessica is in the title.
  2. The bag is available on I believe it is Marc Jacobs. Comes in White, Black and Chocolate Brown:love:
  3. your refering to the wrong handbag, I didnt mean the marc jacobs, but thanks for trying :P
  4. there's also another thread about the one you're looking for, it's a couple pages long i believe, and we still don't have a clue who makes it.
  5. Not this again......LOL!!
  6. Maybe she made it herself... : )
  7. It's called....

    Tulci by Anjali Kumar Large Firenze Bag
  8. Where would you be able to purchase it?

  9. go to>

    There is a "contact/order" button and I suppose you could just order one there!?!?

    If you do order one please let us all know what it's like and how much it is! SUCH a cool bag, good luck! :biggrin:
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