Jessica Simpson Moves On

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  1. And she picks MY MAN to have sex with :Push:

    The Superficial says:
    Here's Jessica Simpson doing the walk of shame from the Chateau Marmont where, according to the NY Post, she took a break from partying with Kirsten Dunst the other night to disappear into the room of Maroon 5's Adam Levine - and didn't emerge until the next morning. "She was picked up by her best friend, Cacee Cobb, that morning," according to a source.
    She doesn't look too happy here. Herpes will do that to you. She'll be lucky if that's all she gets, because from all reports, Adam Levine is very dirty. We're talking Paris at a penis convention dirty. Hopefully she got a shower.


    MSN says:
    "Jessica Simpson was apparently able to withstand a full-on flirting assault from babe-magnet bachelor Adam Levine.The Maroon 5 frontman, who in recent weeks has been linked to Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan and Vanessa Minnillo, worked his charms on the soon-to-be-ex Mrs.Lachey at the Chateau Marmont last week.

    "He didn't even look at anyone else," a spy tells Us Weekly."He was interested in Jessica." The suddenly pillow-lipped starlet was hanging out with some girlfriends, including Eva Mendes, when Levine "came running over, pulled up a chair and insinuated himself into their conversation," an insider recounts to the New York Post.But his wooing powers must have been on the fritz.The paper says Simpson, who has adamantly denied talk that she was friendly with the singer before her marriage fizzled, made a "speedy exit." Adds a Jessica insider to Us, "She knows he is a naughty boy and flirts with a lot of girls." ."

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  2. I'll bet they just went to his place to discuss her handbag collection. :lol:
  3. Supposedly she cheated with him BEFORE she and Nick broke up. I thought he was an attractive guy (Adam) but supposedly he's a walking petri dish and has MAJOR attitude.
  4. From the looks of the pic, it looks like Jess found out the hard way about his herpes.:lol:
  5. I find it oddly satisfying when paparazzi catch celebs looking as bad as I would "the morning after"; not that I do that kind of thing anymore since I am a happily married woman - but, you get my point about the bad picture. :P
  6. The look on face is the "Why did I do THAT" look. Oh, the walk of shame........
  7. from perez hilton:

    While we would much rather see manho Adam Levine with Jessica Simpson than with Kirtsen Drunkst our sources tell us that Kiki may have beaten out Jess for the Maroon 5 singer's affections.

    And, there's nothing we love more than when the paparazzi talk **** about other paparazzi!

    One very scurrilous photo agency has been shopping around pics (shown above) of Simpson, claiming that they were taken outside of the Chateau Marmont after a night of hot, animalistic sex with Levine.

    "Not true," claims a source at a rival photo agency. "Those pics were taken outside of the home of Jessica Pastor, Simpson's stylist."

    Hey, we can't blame some ****ers for trying to make some extra cash, but lying to sell your pics is not cool!
  8. well, whatever happened, i like her bag!
  9. What does Adam Levine look like? Does anyone have a pic?
  10. [​IMG]

    That's Adam Levine...he's in that video "Heard 'Em Say" with Kanye West.

    Nice bag Jess!
  11. That's not the best picture of him. He looks much better in his Maroon 5 videos! I didn't know he was a manwhore! :Push:
  12. Manwhore or not.. I FIND HIM SO HOT!!

    & I don't know why because he's not really my type.

    But if I were leaving his room the morning after.. I'd have the biggest grin on my face!!!!
  13. My good friends have been family friends with Adam's family for years. He used to change their diapers!
  14. If only...
  15. Ooh. He is cute. :nuts: